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Jiří Konečný - Centrum Vrkoč

Based on Na Pěšině 3283/49, 69003 Břeclav

Identification Number: 46924850

Registered in the Commercial Register 370401, Section 1738, Entry 01

for the sale of goods through an online store located on the Internet at www.ceskepivnisety.cz



1.1 These terms and conditions ( "Terms and Conditions") of Vrkoč Center, located on Pěšině 3283/49, 69003 Breclav, identification number: 46924850, registered in the Commercial Register 370401, Section 1738, Entry 01 (hereinafter referred to as "Seller" ) regulate the mutual rights and obligations arising in connection with or pursuant to the purchase agreement (the "purchase agreement") concluded between the seller and any other person or entity (hereinafter the "buyer") through the online shop of the seller. Internet shop is operated by the seller on the Internet at www.ceskepivnisety.cz through a web interface (hereinafter referred to as "Web-based commerce").

1.2 Terms and Conditions also govern the rights and obligations when using the Web site located at Seller www.ceskepivnisety.cz (hereinafter the "Website") and other related legal relations. Terms and conditions do not apply to cases where a person who intends to purchase goods from the seller, is ordering goods in the course of their business.

1.3 Provisions derogating from the terms and conditions can be agreed in the purchase contract. Divergent arrangements in the contract shall prevail over the terms of trade.

1.4 Provisions of the conditions are an integral part of the purchase contract. Purchase Agreement and the terms and conditions are written in the Czech language. The purchase agreement may be concluded in the Czech language.

1.5 The Business Conditions may be amended by the Seller. This provision shall not affect the rights and obligations arising after the effective period of the previous version of business conditions.

2. User account

1.2 Upon registration of the buyer on the website, the buyer can access their user interface. From its user interface buyer can order goods (hereinafter "user account"). In the event that the web interface allows you to store, buyers can also order goods without registration directly from the web interface business.

2.2 When you register on the website and ordering goods, the buyer is obliged to provide correct and true information. The data referred to in the user account is a buyer during any amendments required to update. The data referred to by the buyer in the user account and ordering goods by the seller are deemed correct.

2.3 Access to the user account is secured by user name and password. The buyer is obliged to maintain confidentiality regarding information necessary to access the user's account and acknowledges that Seller shall not be liable for breach of this obligation by the buyer.

2.4 Buyer shall not allow the use of a user account to third parties.

2.5 Seller may cancel a user account, especially when the buyer your user account for more than one year is not used, or if the buyer breaches its obligations under the purchase contract (including terms and conditions).

2.6 Buyer acknowledges that the user account may not be available continuously, especially with regard to the necessary maintenance of hardware and software vendor, respectively. necessary maintenance of hardware and software of third parties.

3. Purchase contract

1.3 Web interface contains a list of goods offered for sale, including the prices of individual goods. Prices of goods offered are inclusive of VAT and all related charges. Offer for sale of goods and prices of goods remain in force as long as they are displayed in the web interface business. This provision is not limited to the seller conclude a sales contract under individually negotiated conditions. All offers to sell goods placed in the web interface of the shop are not binding and the seller is not obliged to conclude a purchase agreement regarding this product.

2.3 Web interface also contains information on the costs associated with packaging and delivery. Information on the costs associated with packaging and delivery of the goods listed in the web interface of trade applies only in cases where the goods are delivered within the territory of the Czech Republic.

3.3 To order goods, the buyer fills an order form in the web interface business. Order form contains particular information about:

3.3.1. ordered goods (ordered goods "insert" the buyer into an electronic shopping cart business web interface)

3.3.2. method of payment of the purchase price, details of the desired method of delivery of goods ordered and

3.3.3. Information on the costs associated with the delivery of goods (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Order").

3.4 Before sending the order to the seller, the buyer is allowed to check and modify data in order to put the buyer, even considering the option buyer to detect and correct errors during data entry into the order. The buyer sends the order by clicking on the "send" button. The data specified in the order by the seller are deemed correct. Seller immediately upon receipt of an order the buyer confirms receipt of e-mail, at the e-mail address Buyer provided in the user interface or in the order (hereinafter referred to as "electronic address of the purchaser").

3.5 Seller is always entitled, depending on the nature of the order (quantity of goods, purchase price, estimated shipping costs) to ask the buyer for additional confirmation (such as writing or by telephone).

3.6 The contractual relationship between seller and buyer arises delivery order acceptance (acceptance), which is sent to the buyer by e-mail and electronic mail address of the buyer.

3.7 Buyer acknowledges that Seller is not obliged to conclude a purchase contract, especially with those previously materially breached its obligations to the seller.

3.8 Buyer agrees to the use of distance communication in concluding the purchase contract. Costs incurred by the buyer when using means of distance communication in connection with concluding a purchase contract (cost of internet access, telephone costs) borne by the Buyer.

4. Price of Goods and Payment Terms

1.4 The price of goods and any costs associated with the delivery of goods under the purchase contract the buyer to pay the seller the following ways:

 in cash by the seller at the address: Dispensing site: Brno venkov - 691 22 Pasohlávky No. 1076 E.

Cash on delivery at the place designated by the buyer in order;

 bank transfer before delivery of the goods to the seller's account no. 1387347379/0800, led from the Czech Savings Bank (the "Seller Account")

2.4 Along with the purchase price, the Buyer shall pay the costs associated with packaging and delivery at an agreed rate. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the purchase price includes costs associated with delivery of goods.

3.4 In the case of payment in cash or in the case of payment on delivery, the purchase price is payable upon receipt of goods. In the case of cashless payment of the purchase price is payable within 14 days of the purchase contract.

4.4 In the case of cashless payment, the buyer is obliged to pay the purchase price, together with the variable symbol of the payment. In the case of cashless payment by the purchaser to pay the purchase price at the time met the appropriate amount to the seller's account.

4.5 The seller is entitled, especially if the Buyer does not provide for additional confirmation (Art. 3.5), require payment of the full purchase price before sending the goods to the buyer.

4.6 Any discounts on the price of goods provided by the seller to the buyer can not be combined.

4.7 If it is customary in trade relations or if so stipulated by generally binding legal regulations issued by the Seller regarding payments made under a contract buyer tax document - invoice. Seller is a payer of value added tax. The tax document - invoice is issued by the seller to the buyer after payment of the price of the goods and send it electronically to the buyer's email address.

5. Withdrawal from contract

1.5 Buyer acknowledges that pursuant to § 1837 of the Civil Code, can not, inter alia, to withdraw from the contract for the supply of goods that have been adjusted according to the wishes of the buyer or his person, from the purchase contract for the supply of goods subject to rapid deterioration, as well as goods that was after delivery irrevocably mixed with other goods, from the purchase contract for the supply of sealed goods which the consumer from unsealed hygienic reasons it can not be returned and the purchase contract for the supply of audio or video recordings or computer program, if breached their original packaging.

2.5 If this is not a case under Art. 5.1 and about other cases where you can not withdraw from the contract, the buyer in accordance with § 1829 paragraph. 1 of the Civil Code the right to withdraw from the contract, within fourteen (14) days from receipt of goods, in which case the contract of sale are several kinds of goods or supply of several parts, this period runs from the date of receipt of the last delivery. Withdrawal from the contract seller must be sent within the period mentioned in the previous sentence. For withdrawal from the contract the buyer used a model form provided by the seller, annexed trading conditions. Withdrawal from the contract the buyer may send inter alia, the address of the seller or the seller's e-mail address.

3.5 In case of withdrawal from the contract pursuant to Art. 5.2 of the purchase contract canceled from the beginning. The goods must be returned to the Seller within fourteen (14) days from the withdrawal seller. If the buyer withdraws from the contract, the buyer bears the cost of returning the goods to the seller, even in the case where the goods can not be returned to their character usual postal route.

4.5 In case of withdrawal pursuant to Art. 5.2 seller returns the funds received from the purchaser within fourteen (14) days from the withdrawal from the contract the buyer, in the same way as the seller from the buyer received. The seller is also entitled to return performance by the buyer at the time of returning the goods the buyer or otherwise, unless the buyer will agree to and do not create additional costs to the buyer. If the buyer withdraws from the contract, the seller is not obliged to return the funds received to the buyer before the buyer returns goods to him or prove that the goods sent entrepreneur.

5.5 Claims for damage caused to the goods, the seller is entitled to unilaterally against the Buyer's claim for refund of the purchase price.

5.6 Until the receipt of goods by the buyer, the seller may at any time withdraw from the contract. In this case, the seller returns the purchase price, without undue delay, bank transfer to an account designated by the buyer.

5.7 If together with the goods provided the buyer a gift, the gift agreement between buyer and seller concluded with a condition subsequent that if there is a withdrawal from the contract buyer loses gift agreement regarding such a gift effectiveness and the buyer is required along with the goods seller also return provided gift.

5.8 In case of withdrawal the consumer is entitled to recover the funds for transportation in the lowest amount offered. (If they choose more expensive mode of transport)

6. Order Cancellation consumer

1.6 The consumer may still undelivered goods order (offer to conclude a purchase contract) cancel. This may use any means by which the seller has, eg. E-mail, phone.

7. The shipment and delivery of goods

1.7 The method of delivery of goods determined by the Seller, unless the purchase contract states otherwise. In the event that the mode of transport is negotiated at the request of the buyer, the buyer bears the risk and additional costs associated with this mode of transport.

2.7 If the seller under the purchase contract must deliver the goods to a place specified by the buyer in the purchase order, the buyer is obliged to accept the goods on delivery. If the buyer does not take the goods on delivery, the seller is entitled to charge a storage fee of CZK 50 per day (in words: fifty Czech crowns) or the seller is entitled to withdraw from the contract.

3.7 In the event that the reasons for which the goods need to be delivered repeatedly or in any other way than stated in the order, the buyer is obliged to pay the costs associated with repeated delivery of goods, respectively. costs associated with other delivery method.

4.7 When taking the goods from the carrier the buyer is obliged to check the integrity of the packaging of goods, and in case of any defects immediately notify the carrier. In case of finding violations package indicative of unauthorized intrusion into consignment Buyer may assume the shipment from the carrier. By signing the delivery note buyer confirms that container shipments containing goods were untouched.

5.7 Other rights and obligations of the parties in the transport of goods that can modify special delivery conditions of the seller, if the seller issued.

8. Rights of defective performance

1.8 The rights and obligations of the parties regarding the rights of defective performance shall be governed by the relevant legislation (including the provisions of § 1914 to 1925, § 2099 to 2117 and § 2161 to 2174 of the Civil Code).

2.8 Seller shall be liable to the purchaser that the goods on delivery no defects. In particular, the seller is liable to the purchaser that when the buyer took the goods:

8.2.1. the goods are qualities that the parties have agreed, and the absence of an arrangement with those properties which the seller or manufacturer has described or which buyers expect with regard to the nature of the goods and based on advertising they carry,

8.2.2. the goods are fit for the purpose which for its use or selling lists to which goods of the same type are normally used

8.2.3. goods correspond to the quality or the implementation of the agreed sample or template, if it was quality or performance determined in accordance with the agreed sample or model,

8.2.4. goods in quantity, measure or weight and

8.2.5. the goods comply with the legal requirements.

3.8 The provisions referred to in Article. 7.2 business conditions do not apply to goods sold at a lower price to a defect for which the lower price was negotiated, the wear and tear of the goods caused by its common use, in used goods to defect by use or wear that goods had to take over buyer, or if it appears that the nature of the goods.

4.8 When manifest defect within six months after the takeover, it is assumed that the goods were defective at the time of takeover.

5.8 Rights of defective performance puts the buyer with the seller at his place of business in which it is possible taking into account the assortment of goods sold, possibly at the seat or place of business.

6.8 In case of complaint goods Buyer will be issued a complaint report, immediately upon claim the goods at the store or within fourteen (14) days if sent by the claimed goods to the address of the Internet business. Before sending the goods claimed is necessary to fill out a complaint form here.

7.8 Claim the goods can be considered to have been disposed of at the moment this fact to reports, the seller regardless of whether the claim was rejected or accepted. The seller informs the buyer to settle the claim within thirty (30) days by telephone or by e-mail or other written form.

8.8 Other rights and obligations of the parties relating to the liability of the seller for defects can modify the complaints procedure seller.

8.9 The buyer is entitled to exercise the right of the defect, which occurs in consumer products during the twenty four months from the receipt.

9. Other rights and obligations of parties

1.9 The buyer acquires ownership of the goods by paying the entire purchase price.

2.9 Buyer acknowledges that the software and other content of the Web interface of trade (including photographs of the goods offered) are protected by copyright. Buyer agrees not to engage in any activity that could allow him or third persons to unlawfully interfere with or use the software or other content of the web interface business.

3.9 The buyer is not entitled to use the Web interface to use trade mechanisms, software or other actions that could adversely affect the operation of the web interface business. Web interface can be used only to the extent that it is not at the expense of the rights of other customers and the seller which is consistent with its purpose.

4.9 Seller is not in relation to the purchaser bound by codes of conduct within the meaning of § 1826 paragraph. 1 point. e) of the Civil Code.

5.9 Buyer acknowledges that Seller shall not be liable for errors caused by interference of third parties to the website or arising from use of the Web site in ways not intended.

6.9 The out of court settlement of consumer disputes arising from the purchase agreement, the Czech Trade Inspection, headquartered Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Praha 2, ID: 000 20 869, Internet address: http://www.coi.cz. Platform for solutions sporůon-line found on the Internet at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr can be used to resolve disputes between the seller and the buyer of the purchase contract.


"Cookies" are pieces of information that are transferred from a website on a computer hard disc. Cookies enable the website to remember important information that will make further use. Like most websites, the Operator's website uses cookies. Based on anonymous data objects, the Operator tracks the total number of visitors to these pages. If the User does not use cookies or if he wants to use the Internet browser cookies, he must in their Internet browser to select the appropriate option. If the User blocks all cookies, you will not be able to use some features of this website.

The site www.ceskepivnisety.cz respect your privacy. In order to offer a valuable service, we need to know some of your personal data. This data is protected against misuse. Please see details later in this document.

10. Protection of personal data and sending commercial messages

1.10 Privacy purchaser who is a natural person is provided by Act no. 101/2000 Coll., On Personal Data Protection, as amended.

2.10 Buyer agrees to the processing of their personal data: name, address, identification number, tax identification number, email address, phone number and [DZ1] (hereinafter collectively referred to as "personal information").

3.10 Buyer agrees to the processing of personal data by the seller, for the purpose of realization of rights and obligations under the contract, for the purpose of maintaining user account and for sending commercial messages and information to the buyer.

4.10 Buyer acknowledges that it is obligated to your personal data (for registration, in your user account when ordering from the web interface of the shop) correctly and truthfully and without undue delay inform the seller about the change in his personal data.

5.10 The processing of personal data of the buyer, the seller may appoint a third party as a processor. In addition to the persons transporting goods are not personal data by the seller without the prior consent of the buyer passed on to third parties.

10.6. Personal data shall be processed for an indefinite period. Personal data will be processed electronically in an automated manner or in printed form non-automated manner.

10.7. The buyer confirms that the personal information is accurate and that he was advised that it is voluntarily provide personal information.

10.8. In the event that the buyer thought the seller or processor (Art. 9.5) performs the processing of his personal data that is inconsistent with the protection of private and personal life of the purchaser or against the law, especially if the personal data are inaccurate with regard the purpose of their processing, can:

10.8.1. ask the seller or processor for explanation

10.8.2. require the seller or the processor rectifies the situation. You may in particular blocking, correction, supplementing or liquidation of personal data. If the buyer's request under the preceding sentence is found justified, the seller or processor to remove the trouble. If the seller fails or processor, the buyer has the right to appeal directly to the Office for Personal Data Protection. This provision shall not affect the buyer's permission to turn his initiative to the Office for Personal Data Protection.

9.10 If the buyer requests information regarding the processing of their personal data, the seller must deliver this information. The seller has the right to provide information pursuant to the preceding sentence, require reasonable compensation not exceeding the costs of providing the necessary information.

10.10 registration number with the Office for Personal Data Protection 00,033,895th

11. Sending commercial messages and storing cookies

11.1. Buyer agrees to receive information related to goods, services or company the seller to the buyer's email address and agree to receive commercial communications by the seller to the buyer's email address.

2.11 Buyer agrees with saving so. Cookies on his computer. In the event that a purchase on the website can be made, and commitments agreed sales contracts to fulfill, without storage so. Cookies on the computer of the buyer, the buyer may consent under the previous sentence at any time.

12. Delivery

1.12 Unless agreed otherwise, all correspondence related to the purchase agreement must be delivered to the other Party in writing, by electronic mail, in person or by postal service (selected by the sender). The buyer is delivered to the email address specified in his user account.

13. Final Provisions

1.13 If a relationship related to use of the Web site or the legal relationship of the purchase agreement includes an international (foreign) element, then the parties agree that the relationship is governed by Czech law. This does not affect the rights of consumers resulting from generally binding legislation.

2.13 The seller is entitled to sell goods on the basis of trade license and activity of the seller is not subject to any other permissions. Trade inspection carried out under its authority the Trade Office.

3.13 If any provision of the Terms and Conditions is invalid or ineffective, or becomes, instead of the invalid provision a provision whose meaning is invalid provision comes closest. The invalidity or unenforceability of one provision is without prejudice to the other provisions. Amendments and supplements to the purchase agreement or terms and conditions require written form.

13.4. The purchase contract including terms and conditions is archived by the seller in electronic form and is not accessible.

13.5. Contact details seller: mailing address: Dispensing site: Brno venkov - 691 22 Pasohlávky č.p. 1076 E., e-mail: info@ceskepivnisety.cz, tel.: 602 77 24 75.


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